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Renovation and Refurbishment

 A&A Works at 163 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
A&A Works include renovation at G/F to 4/F & 30/F to 31/F of the existing hotel. Talent carries out M&E design and project administration at construction stage for hotel guestrooms, VIP lounge and podium. Renovated area is around 8,000m2.

 Converting Industrial / Office Building to a Hotel at King Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
The entire 27-storey industrial/office building with total area of 11,000m2 is converted to a hotel. Calculations and analyses of M&E loads, system selections and economic studies are carried out before the M&E design. As this is a significant change of use of the building, Talent is committed to providing viable and economical M&E systems with the aims of achieving energy efficient and environmental friendly installations.

 Fuzhou Shangri-La Hotel Phase 1 Extension & Renovation, Fuzhou, Fujian, China
The renovation works involve replanning of front of the house on hotel podium floors 1/F-5/F and guest room area on tower floors 6/F-26/F. An existing 2-storey rotunda will be redeveloped to become a 5-storey Annex building, including new retail, F&B, rooftop outdoor swimming pool, bar and health club. The demolition and reconstruction entail significant area coverage. Total Floor area under this renovation and extension is around 69,000m2. Close co-ordination with the hotel and meticulous service diversions and planning are of prime importance.

 Café Lagoon and Grand Marquee in Gold Coast Hotel, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Café Lagoon with area of 100m2 is to be totally refurbished. A new single storey building is to be constructed at outdoor area Marquee for banquet facilities with total area of 400m2.

 A&A Works for Hotel and Shopping Arcade at 18 Hoi Fai Road, West Kowloon, H.K.
The Podium from G/F to UG/F of One SilverSea in West Kowloon with total area around 10,000m2 was renovated to a hotel and shopping arcade. Talent carried out M&E design for the re-provision of the M&E services to meet the different usages in the premise such as hotel guest rooms, health club, cafe, retail, F&B and supermarket.
 Renovation of Shangri-la Hotel in Ningbo, Jiejiang, China
The renovation under this package includes L1 Function Room and Pantry, L3 Private Dining Rooms together with outdoor landscape. Total area is around 560m2 for indoor and 180m2 for outdoor.
 Renovation of Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel, H.K.
The renovation under this package includes the Shang Palace (Chinese Fine Dining) and Kowloon Rooms in the Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel. Total area is around 800m2.
 Renovation of Shangri-la Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, China
The renovation under this package includes the Hotel Lobby, Lounge, Tea Lounge in the Shangri-la Hotel in Pudong. Total area is around 2,230m2.

 Renovation of Caritas Bianchi Lodge at Yaumatei, H.K.
The composite building was built in the 1970’s accommodating the 82 guestrooms, community institute and rehabilitation workshops. The building underwent renovation with a view to give a facelift to the building and improve its facilities to meet operation requirements.

 Major Renovation of Miramar Hotel at TST, H.K.
All the 540 guest rooms are renovated and face-lifted in 2 stages. 2 storeys in podium together with landscape garden covering multi-purpose hall, Chinese restaurant, western restaurant and presidential suites are to be renovated. During the renovation period, the hotel is still operated. Meticulous phasing, noise control and prevention of nuisance are vital to the hotel operation.

 Alteration & Addition Works at Majestic Hotel, Kowloon, H.K.
The podium levels and basement (B3-2/F) in Majestic Hotel underwent remodeling so that the furnishing and facade were upgraded to give an modern look. 5 lifts were added in 2 phases with atrium voids topped out to give extra spaces. The area involved is around 4,500m2 for the first phase and 3,000m2 for the second phase.

 Renovation of Cathay Hotel, at Tung Lo Wan Road, Causeway Bay, H.K.
Complete renovation of the hotel including the conversion of the hotel to service apartment. Decentralization of M&E plants is also a major task.

 Refurbishment of Dalian Furama Hotel Phase I, Dalian, China
Replanning and refurbishment for all hotel rooms in Phase I together with the sport and recreation facilities floor. Total area under the refurbishment is around 22,000m2.

 Fitting-out of Coffee Shop and Retail Space of
  The Hongkong Hotel
, TST, H.K.

Refurbishment of the coffee shop and M&E provision for new department store.

 Renovation of Island Shangri-La Hotel, Admiralty, H.K.
The refurbishment comprises the renovation of the guest rooms and café of the hotel. Total area under the refurbishment is around 12,000m2.

 Plant Replacement for Ritz Carlton Hotel, Central, H.K.
Replacement of the chiller plant comprises loading calculation, and analysis plant configuration and optimal operation strategy setting.

 Major Renovation of Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, TST East, H.K.
Refurbishment of food outlets, main lobby, main kitchen and the guest rooms of the hotel. Total area under the refurbishment is around 15,000m2.

 Replacement of Chiller Plant for
  Grand Stanford Inter-Continental Hotel
, TST East, H.K.

The hotel has been put into operation for around 20 years. The scope of consultancy includes review and assessment of the existing 1500 TR chiller plant and seawater plant, cooling demand analysis and detail design of replacement of the whole plant and associated components.

 Major Renovation of the Podium of The Hongkong Hotel, TST, H.K.
Refurbishment and remodeling of the shopping arcade of the hotel including the replacement of the chiller plant.

 Improvement of Water Pressure for
  The Marco Polo Hotel
, TST, H.K.

The upper storeys of the hotels suffered from insufficient water pressure and unbalanced hot and cold water supply. The scope of commission comprises the design and project administration for the improvement of water pressure and the stability of the flow for hot and cold water.

 Improvement to the A/C System of Hong Kong Hotel, TST, H.K.
The hotel suffered from some serious problems on air conditioning system. The scope of consultancy services for the upgrading work includes loading and system analysis together with trouble shooting for the hotel and proposing remedies for the deficiencies.
 Addition of Sprinklers to Guest Rooms of
  The Marco Polo Hotel, TST, H.K.

Sprinkler systems is required under the new local regulation. The design for the addition of sprinklers to guest rooms and the associated installation for fulfilling the current code requires the attention on minimum disturbance. Talent carried out survey of the existing system and is responsible for designing of the new system.
 Refurbishment of G/F Lobby of The Marco Polo Hotel, TST, H.K.
The hotel lobby and front office was completely renovated. The scope of commission includes the M & E design for the whole area including the front office of the hotel.
 Upgrading of A/C System for The Hongkong Hotel, TST, H.K.
The upgrading work includes the loading and cooling system analysis for G/F of the hotel and proposing remedies for the deficiencies.
 Stanford Hillview Extension, H.K.
The hotel is an existing one at TST and 5 storeys guest room floors are to be added on the existing roof. The scope of consultancy comprises full M & E services for the extension together with the relocations of water supply plant, boiler plant, lift machine and ventilation system.
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