China Resources Building, Jianguomen, Beijing, PRC
China Resources Building is a grade A office building with 3 basement levels and 26 above ground storeys located in the city centre in Beijing. Total floor area is 72,000m2. The project was designed by HOK in San Francisco and developed by local design institute. Talent helped the Contractor to perform further design development including loading calculation and analysis, modification of design and the production of working drawings, combined services drawings, wiring and installation details for HVAC, electrical, plumbing & drainage, fire services installation. VAV system, all air free cooling system, using cooling tower to generate chilled water in change-over seasons, power management control and some other energy saving systems have been used in the project.

 Greenhill Hotel Block 7, Baotau Inner Mongolia, PRC
The greenhill hotel block 7 is the most prestige part of the greenhill hotel clauster. It comprises suites, presidential suite and entertainment facilities. The building is used as a national guest hotel for VIP by the local Government. Total area of the building is 3,600m2. The project is of “Design & Build” nature. Talent carried out M & E design for the Contractor and the project was completed in eight months.

 Lafayette Department Store, Beijing, PRC
The department store is a joint venture project and run under the name of French Department Store Galleria de Lafayette. Total floor area is around 9,400m2 occupying 6 storeys. The scope of service includes outline design for all services and detail design of the HVAC system for the Contractor of the foreign partner of the joint venture group.

 Dalian Furama Hotel Phase 2, 60 Remin Road, Dalian, PRC
Dalian Furama Hotel Phase 2 is a 5-star hotel with 29 storeys and a total floor area of 56,000m2. The total number of guest rooms for phase 2 is 420. Talent helped the M & E Contractor Uconia Company Ltd. who is an interior based contractor to perform design development and the production of working drawings for HVAC, steam boiler plant, heavy oil handling system, electrical transformation and distribution, plumbing & drainage, fire services & DDC control systems. All the detail design including control wiring diagrams, installation details have to be down to basic working level. The project took 12 months after the M & E Contractor was engaged for soft opening and another 2 months for grand opening. Winter heating by using permanent steam boiler, hot water reticulation system, PAU & FCU for the heating of the whole building to enable the interior contractor to work in the building during winter in only 4 months after the engagement of the Contractor. Extra bonus was granted to the management team by the client for meeting the winter heating milestone and the on-time completion of the project.
 HKSAR Beijing Office at Henderson Centre, Jianguomen, Beijing, PRC
The office is located in Henderson Centre in Beijing and is the main office of the Government of Hong Kong SAR in Beijing. The scope of consultancy is to prepare all M & E design for the fit-out of the office for the Contractor to perform design and build contract.

 Resources Hotel, Haikou, Hainan Island, PRC
The hotel was halfly-built and left idle for two years before it was taken over by new client. Total floor area is around 13,500m2 with one basement and 16 above ground storeys. The scope of commission includes the assessment of the conditions of the old equipment installed, design to convert the old plants to suit new design and complete the whole M & E systems to enable the system being operative.
 International Youth Culture Centre (SGI), at TPTL 127, Tai Po, N.T., H.K.
The development comprises 4 low rise institutional buildings occupying a site area of 15,000m2. A Japanese Contractor was commissioned to carry out a design and build contract. The scope of consultancy includes the design of P & D systems, fire services systems and sewage treatment etc.

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